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January 2007
Peugot 207 GT
Peugot 207 GT
Peugot 207 GT
Peugot 207 GT
Hot Style, Hot Performance, Hot Car

Peugeot has always had strong credentials in the hot hatch sector of the market, though it has been under increasing pressure from rivals in recent years. But with its new 207 GT, the French company has just jumped right back to the head of the pack. This model has beautifully designed characteristics, looking every inch the potent hot hatch back that it is. It’s an image-conscious sector of the market, and this model really looks the business. It has a suitably robust visual road stance, and viewed from any angle, is just superb. Yet there’s a lot more than just looks to the 207 GT. Looking great is one thing, driving great is another. The good news is that this Peugeot doesn’t disappoint when it comes to on road ability either.

With 150 bhp under the bonnet from its 1600 cc engine, the GT has a top speed of 131 mph, and a scorching 0 to 60 mph time of just 8.1 seconds. But the most impressive thing I found about the GT when I sampled it recently was that despite its searing performance, it scores over main rivals by delivering excellent all round refinement.
This isn’t the sort of hot hatchback that shakes the fillings loose in your teeth, or jars your spine so severely that you need to see an osteopath afterwards. This strikes the perfect balance in my view between the firmness of suspension set-up required for grippy thrusting performance with the comfort you need for everyday driving. It really is outstandingly good in this department.

The overall driving impression is just excellent, with great feed back from the power steering, a very nimble turning circle, of just 10.6 metres, and great stopping power from the braking system which has ventilated front discs. Given its quite stunning performance capability, it’s surprising to find that even in city driving it will still top 30 mpg on the official fuel cycle, and in touring use tops 50 mpg. The combined figure is 40.3 mpg which is extremely acceptable for a potent hot hatch.

Standard specification for a 207 three-door GT is very good, including all the usual requirements of alloys, CD player, remote locking, power windows and so on. A leather interior is just a £450 option, very good value. Add to that the car’s five star maximum Euro Ncap front/side impact crash rating, and the whole package comes together beautifully.

I am not the greatest hot hatch fan, but this one really won me over, and very quickly. The negative points page of my notebook stayed blank, so good is this new model from Peugeot. It maybe hot, but it’s also very very cool.

For: Visual impact, outstanding performance capabilities, overall driving dynamics, well designed interior.
Against: Nothing that I noticed!